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To be honest I have not found a subject to stick to on my blog. It is hard because I have many interests. My interests include; watching anime, watching sports, writing poems, fan fictions, starting a healthy lifestyle, and caring for a pet. Its like I cant decide what is most important to me. Is it even possible for me to stay on one subject? Can anyone help clear this up? Should I keep writing about the same subject or should I write whatever I feel?

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Hello World!! Just wanted to post 15 random facts about me.
most of my friends and family know all of this, but for random people.. well that's another story lol!

1: I am turning 27 on May 25th
2: My eye color is dark blue
3: My hair color is brown
4: Im 5"8 and a little on the chubby side.
5: I grew up mainly in the southern states
6: I now live farther up north
7: I don't pick up accents easily (I don't really have one lol)
8: I used to be scared of pit-bulls, now Iam proud to have one
9: First Anime was Sailor Moon
10: Current Animes I am watching now, Naruto Shippuden, Fairy tail and AKb00048
11: I am Bipolar and I don't hide it
12: I am a rubbernecker, I like to see whats going on all the time... (Im bored lol)
13: Otakon 2011 was the first anime convention I have ever been, and probably the last
14: I like to say Potatoes alot!
15: I like eggs (Couldn't think of anything interesting lol)

I was browsing Hulu Plus one day and came across this Anime. I gotta say is pretty interesting, at first I totally skipped it and said it sounded stupid, the someone I know from Facebook started to watch it, then I'm like it can't be that bad, so I started to watch it after all that hesitation, I actually love AKB0048. The Anime is based of J-pop girl band, AKB48, don't let the description fool you one bit though the anime is based of j-pop girl band I gotta say hands down my favorite anime of the newer generation. The girls are interstellar pop idols, but they are trained in combat to do an interstellar entertainment ban. The girls of AKb0048 preform underground concerts on planets that have entertainment bands and are chased by DES, which are unmanned combat machines that attack the concerts, the girls not only sing but they kick ass.

[Spoiler (click to open)]It begins with 4 young girl who heard about concerts and sneaked underground to see akb0048 in live concert, the planet they are on, Lancaster has a partial entertainment ban. There was a huge attack on the concert and there were strict entertainment bans following the concert. Later the girls grow up and their dream never changed, and eventually left Lancaster to become official trainees to become successors of the actual AkB0048. The girls were not alone, they met people on a shuttle that were leaving to pursue the same dream. The girls befriended each-other very quickly.. When they arrived their destination there were many other girls there to become trainees, but many failed and the girls and their new friends passed the test to become trainees. Theres so much more to explain but I doubt you want me spoiling every single episode, so if you like the description and the first episode explanation please watch if you are big into j-pop and battles.. this anime is perfect for you! Now Get watching! lol

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When I was young I had so many dreams. I wanted to be a ballerina, singer, actress, soccer player, veterinarian.. even then I wasn't sure of who I would become, I still don't know. I have an associates degree,
I could have been a medical office assistant. I have been unemployed for 6 years. This is not where I want to be. The fact is I am scared to try again. Now you might think that's crazy, but when u live with high anxiety, depression and Bipolar disorder it does take a toll on your mental capacity to work.. But believe me I want to work, but over all I want to better myself first. I do take medication and I seem to be fine most of the time by taking it, still some random outbursts but not as bad as I used to be. The medications I take also have a toll on me physically, weight gain has been an issue ever since taking the medication. I am not giving up on working, but I do want to make sure I am healthy before doing so. There are people out there who will be like, try your just lazy.. maybe that's said to a lot people on Social Security and Welfare, but let me tell you you do not know the circumstances people are under.


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